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We Perform All Types of Hydrographic and Marine Geophysical Surveys



Hydrography and Marine Geophysics

Seal teams of hydrographic surveyors and geophysicists perform all types of surveys including:

  • Multibeam Surveys

  • Side Scan Sonar Surveys

  • Sub Bottom Profiler Surveys

  • Magnetic Surveys

Marine Pipe Inspection and Asset Integrity

Seal performed over 20 projects of marine pipe inspection that include As Built and alignment monitoring, and free span detection, as well as corridor surveys for planned pipes.

Marine Mine Detection

Since 2015 Seal is involved in Mine Detection Activities. This also includes R&D activities such as mine detection methods and data processing algorithms that enable automatic target detection of marine mines (as well as other man made targets)

Geotechnical Analysis

As part of our services our teams of engineers perform sea bottom sampling, flush drills, and sieve analysis, for design and environmental impact assessment purposes.

Photogrametry and Point Cloud Integration

Seal performs drone based photographic inspection and mapping of marine and coastal assets and integrates the aerial data with the hydrographic data to provide complete 3D models of marine assets

Fast Mobilization to Remote Areas

Seal specializes in ultra fast mobilization of our teams and equipment to remote areas and has successfully conducted hydrographic and geophysical surveys in East & West Africa


Seal was established in 2011 (under the name Lia Marine) to provide quality and unbiased hydrographic services to the Israeli market.

Since its establishment Seal has gained reputation as the leading hydrographic and geophysical survey company in Israel and internationally with its activities expanding to East and West Africa.

Since 2018 the company has expanded its activities to include photogrametry, remote sensing, and R&D activities in the fields of marine acoustics, signal processing algorithms, mine counter measures, and multi-spectral analysis.

As part of this expansion and to imply this extended range of activities, the company rebranded itself as SEAL. (Sea, Air, Land) hydrography and remote sensing.



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Seal director, Dr, Uri Kushnir, presents a novel new concept in sonar signal processing algorithms for automated soil and target characterization .





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